Playmobil 123 Pirate Ship Review

Both of my boys are really fond of Playmobil. They have so many different playsets. It doesn’t matter how long they have had the sets, they are always keen to play with them, the novelty never wears off as it does with other toys that they have had. Between them, they have around 7 sets and they mix and match the bits to create their own play. My youngest has recently been sent a Pirate Ship from the lovely people at… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 20/8/18

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s #MMBC. I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Thank you for the good wishes at the hospital last week, it was so lovely of you all. It’s a case of having a few more tests so I won’t really know much until they are carried out. I will pop an update up as soon as they are done. We are running a little late this morning so I am sorry if you… View Post

What We Have Been Watching Lately

Our house is a busy old house. What with working from home, home-schooling and the kids being home 24/7, I’m sure you can relate that when I say that my husband and I could crush a grape when it’s the kids bedtime, is an understatement! We really look forward to ‘our time’ and that consists of having something nice to eat followed by binge-watching our current favourite series. If you are anything like us after you finish a box set,… View Post

Romantic Getaways For Couples

One thing I wish my husband and I did more of prior to settling down, is travel. There are so many beautiful places around the world to see. Don’t get me wrong, having our little family doesn’t change a thing and as the boys get a little older, the further we will be able to venture. But we didn’t have a honeymoon as such after we married. We were already expecting our first child, and having just moved into our… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 13/8/17

Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s #MMBC. How was your weekend? I was really thankful for all the rain we had, at least it has cooled things down now a little. We had the laziest pj day yesterday which was really nice but back to it today! I also have my appointment this week which will tell me if the sarcoidosis has resurfaced. I’m really hoping it hasn’t, but will have to wait and see.   Feature Of The… View Post

Things To Do In The Garden In August With Hozelock

I really can’t believe we are in August already! It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I was writing out my previous post of jobs in the garden. Time is just flying by. I spend most of my spare time (when I get some) out in the garden and there is always something to keep me busy. Here is a list of useful to-dos for this month.   Tidy Up Deadhead bedding plants to ensure they continue to bloom… View Post