Bananagrams Word Game Review

Being part of Asmodee’s blogger board game club sees us trying out lots of games. Our last review was of Rory’s Story Cubes, which is a fab family game that we have been playing quite a lot of recently. This week we have been playing a game that all word lovers will enjoy…….   Bananagrams Word Game Age 7+ Bananagrams is a fun family word game for up to 6 players. Depending on how many people play as to how many… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 17/9/18

Hi everyone! Welcome to this week’s #MMBC. Thanks as always for those who linked up to last week’s linky. So how did everyone’s weekend go? I’ve had toothache for most of mine so I’ve been a right mardy arse. A trip to the dentist is looking very likely today! I also had a punch biopsy last week to find out if I have sarcoid of the skin. Some of you know that I suffer from pulmonary sarcoidosis, and although it… View Post

5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Spain

Spain is such a beautiful country full of history and culture. The locals are friendly and the surroundings are stunning. I could easily have given 100 reasons why I love Spain after my visits there. It is one place I could never get tired of and will certainly be returning to in the near future with just as much excitement as before. But for now, here are a handful of reasons why Spain is the place to be!    1 An… View Post

Our Bedroom Makeover

If you pop by regularly then you will know that we are busy revamping our home. The cottage that we are in was a little worn down and neglected when we moved here, so we have been doing a little bit at a time to brighten up the rooms again. The bathroom renovation went really well and we then moved on to our bedroom which was in desperate need of a makeover.   Painting The Walls Our room was a… View Post

Bedroom Makeover – Quick-Step Flooring

We have been really busy since we moved into our house 6 months ago. We updated the bathroom which was in dire need of some TLC and decided to start our bedroom next. Having worked with Quick-step flooring previously and being so happy with how the flooring turned out, we have chosen the soft oak grey wooden flooring from their Impressive range.   Prepping Just like the bathroom, we removed the skirting boards and easily installed the Unisound underlay. The underlay has… View Post

Learning To Crochet – My First Makes

For a while now I have been trying to grab ten minutes here and there to try and learn crochet. You know what it’s like if you have kids, finding some time to spare can be impossible at times! So each week I have been putting some time aside to start some projects. I don’t know about you but I much prefer to browse through youtube tutorials when wanting to learn something. It just seems so much easier to actually watch… View Post