Welcoming In Autumn And Fashion World

Hello autumn! You have come around so fast this year. If you asked me what my favourite season is then it would probably be autumn/fall, followed closely by spring. I love this time of year. It’s such a busy season with so much to look forward to. Here are just a few reasons why I love autumn so much! Awesome Sweatshirt and Joggers.   Crisp Air That feeling you get when you open the door first thing in the morning and… View Post

Bananagrams Word Game Review

Being part of Asmodee’s blogger board game club sees us trying out lots of games. Our last review was of Rory’s Story Cubes, which is a fab family game that we have been playing quite a lot of recently. This week we have been playing a game that all word lovers will enjoy…….   Bananagrams Word Game Age 7+ Bananagrams is a fun family word game for up to 6 players. Depending on how many people play as to how many… View Post

Rory’s Story Cubes Game Review

We are really happy to have recently been invited to be part of Asmodee’s blogger board game club. As you know we love playing all sorts of family games so we were really excited to be on board. We will be sharing plenty of fun games for all of the family to enjoy, and we are kicking it off with Rory’s Story Cubes.   Rory’s Story Cubes Age 6+ The beauty of this game is there aren’t lots of rules as… View Post

Easing Back Into Learning With Smiggle

This week sees everybody getting back into their routines after a summer full of fun. We are easing back into our home-schooling and although our summer was amazing, it feels good to be organised again and have a bit of structure to our week. We were recently sent some lovely items from Smiggle and their back to school/home-ed range. I know my boys will get lots of use from them in the upcoming months.   Smiggle’s Back To School/Home-Ed Range… View Post

Monopoly Gamer MarioKart – Hasbro Toy Tribe

We are so excited to have recently been invited to join the Hasbro Toy Tribe. Being a big fan of their products and having so many of our own already, we couldn’t wait to get started! Jayden was absolutely delighted when our first review had MarioKart in the title!   Monopoly Gamer MarioKart Age 8+ Not only is Jayden a fan of Mario, but he loves Monopoly full stop! He has Monopoly Junior, Monopoly Here and Now World Edition and… View Post

Ravensburger Planetary Solar System 3D Puzzle

My boys have always enjoyed doing puzzles. I think they are a nice activity to be getting on with on a rainy day and a nice pass time for those days spent at home. We have quite a collection of Ravensburger puzzles. A lot of which have the boys favourite characters on, which they just love. We have recently added another puzzle to our collection that we were recently sent to try out. That being the……   Ravensburger Planetary Solar… View Post