A Girl’s Best Friend

  Romance is on the horizon. Shelves will be brimming with love heart shaped merchandise and card shops will be filled with shades of pink and red. But what about the singletons? All the single ladies, all the single ladies, put your hands up! You don’t necessarily have to have a partner to celebrate Valentines Day, oh no. Why not celebrate empowerment and treat yourself to a special gift?! Let’s face it, us ladies love a treat and especially when it’s… View Post

Christmas Gifts For Him

  Today we are sharing our Men’s Christmas gift guide. I hope this gives you some inspiration! You can get some ideas from our Christmas gifts for kids guide and also gift ideas for her.     1 Festive Beer Crate Best of British Beer has been established since 2011. Based in North Staffordshire their list of brewery partners are ever increasing. This festive beer selection is perfect for the beer lover. It contains 9 bottles from their festive range… View Post

Christmas Gifts For Her

  We have another Christmas gift guide for you today. Just before we begin, did you check out our Kids Christmas gift guide? Why not pop on over for some inspiration? This week I am sharing gift ideas for her.   1 Kirstie Allsopp Natural Soap Making Kit This is the perfect gift for somebody who enjoys crafts or making things. This starter kit contains everything you need to make your own natural soaps. 2 Home Bargains Gin Set A… View Post

Who’s The Dude? Game Review And Giveaway

  We love a good game in our house. Many a night we will kick back and play Monopoly with the kids or one of their ‘someone’s going to get soaked’ type games! To our delight, we have been checking out another fab game from Drumond Park but this one is for the grown-ups!   Who’s The Dude? Age 16+ RRP £24.99 Who’s The Dude is a little bit different, to say the least! This game is so much fun.… View Post

Unwinding With Caffeine Free BarleyCup This Winter

  We have recently moved house and we all know how exhausting that is don’t we?! I also work from home and homeschool our boys, so I find myself always on the go. I don’t ask for much really, as long as my family have their health is all that really matters to me. The only little pleasure I enjoy is sitting down and having some time to myself. To put my feet up and do some online shopping or read a… View Post