He Was A Skater Boy

  As a family, we love getting outdoors, no matter what the weather may be doing. My eldest is definitely an outdoors kid. Don’t get me wrong, he loves his tech and will quite happily play on his Switch or Ipad for hours on end, but he loves playing outside. I used to be exactly the same when I was a kid. I used to spend hours riding around our street on my bike. Jayden has mastered his bike, he has… View Post

Scavenger Hunt In The Woods

We are are pretty much surrounded by fields here and live near to woodlands, so it’s no surprise that we love getting out and going for walks. Autumn is the perfect time for a scavenger hunt in the woods. We have lots of autumnal crafts planned ahead so this is the perfect time to go and find some supplies so off we went. We took a jute bag along to fill with lots of finds on our scavenger hunt.   It was… View Post

Planning The Perfect Picnic with Emma Bridgewater

We love a good picnic, I mean who doesn’t? The kiddies get to enjoy the fresh air and play to their hearts content . It’s just a fab way to spend some quality time together as a family. I have been on the search for some picnic wear and have compiled a lovely list of must haves for the perfect picnic with Emma Bridgewater. I love these colourful polka dot Melamine bowl and plate. Polka Dot Bowl / Polka Dot Plate  … View Post