Cobra Paw Game Review

Cobra Paw Game Review

We have one last game to share from our blogger board game club bundle. Our last one was Dobble, just in case you want to catch up with that. Today we have Cobra Paw and you are going to need serious ninja skills to take part!

What you get

21 Clawfuku stones

2 Catnippon dice


Cobra Paw is a brilliant game for all of the family and it is super simple to play. You lay out the 21 Clawfuku stones in the middle of the table. They are about the same size as dominoes but slightly chunkier making them easier to grab. They all have a different combination of symbols that correspond with the dice.

The smallest paw goes first and rolls the dice. I love that these are oversized so it is very unlikely that we will lose them. When the first player has rolled the dice you all have to try and find the matching tile and grab it as fast as you can. That player then owns that tile and takes their turn to roll the dice.

You continue to use your super quick ninja reflexes to claim the matching stone before anybody else. If somebody rolls the dice and the stone can’t be found, then that means another player already has it. Take it from their pile before they notice and make it yours!

The winner is the first one to collect 6 Clawfuku stones, easy peasy!

We loved playing Cobra Paw and laughed all through each game, especially when somebody is shady enough to swipe one of your Clawfuku stones!

This will be perfect for us to take along on our travels next year when we want to kill a bit of time.

Available from Amazon.

*We received this game for being part of the blogger board game club. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% honest.*



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  1. Nancy Bradford November 26, 2018 / 8:43 pm

    This looks really intriguing. I’d love to try it x

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