My Cambridge Diet Journey 5 weeks In

Since having my little ones my weight has fluctuated and not always for the best! I’ve tried various diets, only to fall off the wagon and slip back into old habits. Until I heard a few friends recommending the Cambridge weight plan.   What is the Cambridge Diet Weight Plan? The Cambridge weight plan is made up of 6 flexible steps. All of the steps are nutritionally balanced and start from 600kcal up to 1500+kcal per day. It is known as… View Post

Slimming World Chicken Risotto

  Slimming World Chicken Risotto Syns Per Serving – Free Serves 4 Prep time – 15 mins Cook time – 50-60 mins   Ingredients ✿  250g cherry tomatoes ✿  x1 red onion, chopped ✿  Fry light cooking spray ✿  x2 garlic cloves, finely chopped ✿  300g risotto rice ✿  x4 skinless/boneless chicken breasts, chopped into chunks ✿  Peas (fresh or frozen) ✿  x1 tbsp fresh rosemary, chopped ✿  x1 litre of chicken stock ✿  Pinch of saffron (optional) ✿  Salt… View Post

Slimming World Cheese and Onion Scones

A great snack that’s totally syn free if used as a healthy extra or 2 syns otherwise. Absolutely yummy! Ingredients x2 packs of instant mash x1 onion x4 eggs 75g grated cheddar cheese 400g low fat cottage cheese Cooking Spray (Fry Light, Clover spray etc)     Method Preheat Oven to 200ºC Chop up the onion finely and fry in a pan on medium heat for 5 minutes with Fry Light. Mix all the ingredients and the onion in a… View Post

The Joys Of Dieting

 So you have done it again. Indulged with obsessive binging of all of your favourite fat filled snacks. Rammed them all into that hole beneath your nose.   And you rummage through your wardrobe for something to wear because none of it fits you anymore. So you have the biggest strop ever. It’s so unfair! And you make it your goal to start yet another diet. Perhaps after the weekend?   And you try not to get too excited when… View Post