Family Fun With SET

Family Fun With SET


AD – This is a gifted collaboration

We love being part of the Asmodee board game bloggers. We get to try some lovely family games just like Carcassonne that we played last week. This week we have a fast-paced card game to share with you.


SET – The Family Game With Visual Perception Age 6yrs+ 

The aim of the game is to identify sets of three cards from the playing set. As each card is different, it is much harder than it first sounds. The cards all have a combination from the list below.

Shapes – Squiggle, oval or diamond

Colours – Red, purple or green

Numbers – 1, 2 or 3 symbols

Shading – Striped, solid or outlined


You start off with 12 cards like we have below.

Set card game

You then have to try and find sets making sure that the set has one or more things in common. For example, these three cards are a set. They are all the same shape, colour and are all the same shading, but they are different quantities. So only one difference between them all.

Playing cards that make a matching set

The example below is NOT a set. The shape is the same, the number is the same and the shading is different on one but not all three. The colour is not the same on one but not all three.

Playing cards that make an odd set

There are no turns in SET. You simply shout set when you see a collection, you then remove the cards from the playing set of twelve, show them to the other players and place them close to you. Each completed set is worth one point. If the player calls set and the set is found to be incorrect, one point is deducted from that player. When a set is removed from the playing set, you should replace them with three more from the deck from the deck.

The game is over when all of the cards have been used up. If all of the players agree that there is no set available on the playing set, you can add an additional three cards to make the playing set up to fifteen. When a set is found, you should not replace these cards and continue to play with twelve.

My eldest is 8 and could just about grasp the rules. I think maybe a 6-year-old could struggle to find the sets. Even us adults had to really concentrate at times. You could challenge yourself and play this alone.

This is a great little boredom buster and ideal to take away on trips.

Have you played SET?

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*We received this product for the purpose of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*



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