Unwinding With Caffeine Free BarleyCup This Winter

Unwinding With Caffeine Free BarleyCup This Winter

We have recently moved house and we all know how exhausting that is don’t we?! I also work from home and homeschool our boys, so I find myself always on the go. I don’t ask for much really, as long as my family have their health is all that really matters to me. The only little pleasure I enjoy is sitting down and having some time to myself. To put my feet up and do some online shopping or read a good book with a nice hot drink.

Caffeine Free

I must admit I am a total tea belly. I gave up coffee some years ago due to it triggering off my migraines. I am always on the lookout for caffeine-free drinks and have just recently been introduced to Barleycup.


Gluten Free

Barleycup Instant cereal drink is a caffeine-free alternative hot drink to tea and coffee. The range is suitable for all of the family to enjoy and is certified gluten-free by Coeliac society.

I have been trying out the Barleycup in powder and Barleycup with dandelion. I was quite surprised when I first tasted the Barleycup powder as I imagined it taste similar to Horlicks but it actually tastes like a mild coffee. It is made up of roasted cereal grains and chicory roots. This is a very smooth drink and tastes great, although I found that I preferred it more by adding milk. That is no surprise though as I can drink milk until it comes out of my ears! I love the stuff.

The Barleycup with dandelion was equally as tasty and again tasted better with milk for me personally. This flavour is made up from roasted barley, rye, chicory roots and pure dandelion essence. Each cup is only 10 calories so fab if you are watching your weight.

After trying these drinks out for the first time, it has left me feeling intrigued as to what the rest of the range tastes like. I love finding new caffeine-free drinks to try and wish there was more out there in terms of choice. Fingers crossed Barleycup will expand their range to more exciting new flavours. I for one will certainly be adding them to my shopping list.

Have you tried Barleycup?

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