5 Ways To Make Moving House Less Stressful

5 Ways To Make Moving House Less Stressful

We all know just how moving house can make the stress levels go through the roof. Even more so when you have little ones in tow. As we are in the process of moving home I thought I would share some useful tips to help on the day. Hopefully all you will have to think about is kicking back with your favourite tipple, in the comfort of your new home.

Have a hassle free moving day


Pack Up Early

Make a start on the packing as soon as you can. Take items that you won’t need immediately and put it ┬áinto storage. There are some fab firms out there that will pick up your goods and deliver them to your new home at a later date.


Mark It Up

I know this sounds obvious, but it can make a huge difference how you mark your boxes up. Mark each box by room. This will save a tonne of time when you come to un-pack the other end. Also right on the side of the boxes so it’s easier to see what is what when the boxes are stacked up.

Give The Removal Guys A Shout

Don’t just go with the first firm you come across. Get some quotes for furniture delivery. You could be pleasantly surprised with just how much money you could save by taking the time to shop around.

Make a Supplies Box

Use a plastic box to put the necessities in. Mine will definitely have the kettle, a couple of mugs and tea bags in there. A nice brew is a must! Along with that will be snacks for the kids and of course loo roll! You can guarantee with kids that one will need to take a poo when the toilet roll is no where in sight!


Update Your Details

Don’t forget to inform others of your change of address. You can also use Royal mail for a small fee to divert all of your current mail to your new house. I am using this service as I have loads to sort out.


Are you planning a move? Or perhaps you used some of these during your last move.

*This is a collaborative post*

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