Monday Morning Blog Club 22/5/17

Hi everyone, welcome to this weeks Monday Morning Blog Club. I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. Did any of you go to Blog On yesterday? I unfortunately had to drop out at the last minute, but will be going to the September gathering instead. I know a lot of bloggers find it hard to attend conferences, as they feel they will be left standing alone, or won’t know anybody. My advise is to just bite the bullet and go!… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 13/2/17

Hello you lovely lot! Here we all are again for another #MMBC. I can’t believe how these past few weeks have just fled. However Spring is just in sight and that makes me smile. I love Spring, it’s nice to see some colour after Winter has done the rounds don’t you think? Thank you all for linking up last week! I enjoyed reading your lovely blogs as I always do. Here are my top 3 picks from last week –… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 3/10/16

Hi everyone and welcome back to the first #MMBC of October! How crazy is that? I will be wishing you all a merry Christmas at this rate! How was you weekend? Ours has been pretty quiet this week. We celebrated Craigs 2nd year anniversary with his new heart on Saturday. My husband had a heart transplant 2 years ago for those who don’t know us well. So that was quite an emotional day. I have been busy buying presents for… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 12/9/16

The Blog Club For Awesome People Hello all and welcome back to #MMBC. Hope you have all had a fab weekend! It only seems like two minutes since I was sat here prepping last weeks post, it’s just barmy how quick this year is flying by. We had a lovely day out Saturday at Trentham. Spent too much, but it was worth it. I even did well on the Cambridge diet front whilst out. I went armed with a shake! And resisted… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 5/9/16

Hi you beautiful lot! And welcome to another Monday Morning Blog Club. Hope you all had a lovely weekend? I seriously cannot believe we have hit September already! It’s crazy. I even ordered my first few Christmas pressies just the other day. I know, I mentioned the ‘C’ word, but it will be here before we know it at this rate. I don’t think I’ve ever been so organised. Has anybody else started buying yet, or do you leave it… View Post