Adapting A Bathroom For Easy Accessibility

Adapting A Bathroom For Easy Accessibility

We can so easily take the little things for granted. Such as getting out of bed in the morning, taking a shower and getting dressed. All of these simple things can become more of a chore as we get older. With that thought in mind and having worked in the care industry myself, I would like to share some very useful bathroom aids that can really help with mobility restrictions. I hope these come in useful should you have an elderly relative who would benefit from these.

Toilet & Basin Grab Rails

Designed with safety and reassurance in mind. Specialist bathroom rails are a must for anybody who needs that little extra support. As we get older, the fear of taking a tumble or having nothing close by to stabilise ourselves becomes more intensified, and can really knock one’s confidence.  Having something simple as a rail fitted is going to help make the user feel more confident and most importantly more independent.

Walk-In Shower

There is nothing more invigorating than a nice shower first thing in the morning. This doesn’t have to change as we get older either. With so many varieties and layouts, a walk-in shower proves to be a valuable source in the home. They accommodate every user with their spacious layouts and are fully customised with various features to choose from. A walk-in shower overcomes any problems that may be experienced when trying to get into a conventional shower or bath.

They look modern and save money on water bills too. They are becoming increasingly popular in many households.


Easy-Turn Tap Fittings

These helpful fixtures are a godsend for anybody who suffers from painful joints. They simply pop on to the top of the tap acting like a clamp, giving the user extra leverage to turn the tap on and off with little effort. They are really cheap to buy, so definitely worth investing in some.


Swivel Bath Seats

Another useful aid for anybody who still likes to use a conventional bath but needs a little support to get in. They are quite easy to fix to the bath and ideal for using to get in and out of the bath. The seat can be positioned at the side of the bath and then swivelled over the bath. Some have different features such as width adjustable, electric powered lifts and so on.


So there are a few ways that can really make a difference to somebodies day to day living. Helping them to keep their independence with just a little support.

*This is a collaborative post*



  1. Sheila Reeves March 24, 2018 / 6:56 pm

    Some good tips here, having recently suffered with shoulder problems, it’s shown me that I’m not always going to be able to do things like get in and out of the bath easily, and even though I may not need extras immediately, it might be sooner than I thought!

  2. Judith Allen April 28, 2018 / 3:06 pm

    This wasn’t something I ever thought about when I was young, but now with MS I have to. At least it doesn’t have to look like a hospital these days, with attractive and still easy to use options.

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