Fun Things To Do In The Garden This Autumn

Fun Things To Do In The Garden This Autumn

As the air begins to get crisper and a little more biting as autumn kicks in this does not mean that our time spent outside needs to come to an end! Outside the Summer months, many gardens are left abandoned and untouched until the sun starts to reappear, but there are loads of fun activities to enjoy outdoors during the autumn months too! So even if are feeling like a homebody and don’t leave the house, you and the kids can still get some fresh air and enjoy your outside space!


Autumn Leaves

The piles of leaves outside can provide the perfect material for some fun activities: jumping in the piles, rolling around and tossing piles of leaves at one another. Crunching through the foliage and picking out your favourite colour leaves can also be an opportunity for you and the kids to do a crafts activity and to get into the Autumn spirit. You can make leaf crowns, frame your favourite leaves, or even get a bit messy and make leaf booklets by gluing your favourite leaves into a memory book or using them to make prints with poster paint.

Painted Pots

With all the warm colours we see during the Autumn, why not pick up some clay pots and customise them? Kids can watch as the flowers and plants grow during the autumn and get to see it all happen from the base they created. You can find plenty of guides on, which plants are most likely to survive the colder Autumn and Winter months.


Bird Feeder

Watching the birds that come into the garden during autumn is a fun and educational activity- particularly if you create a little checklist. You and the kids can all come up with ideas on how to create a birdseed feeder and set them up in the garden. The process of creating one and then seeing the birds flock to it outside will surely get your kids outside or peeking at their project through the windows during rainy days! There are lots of tips and videos online with ideas on how to create a bird feeder.



Carving pumpkins is the classic autumn activity. You can carve a pumpkin, rain or shine, roast up the pumpkin seeds and then place the pumpkins outside together. (Just remember to do it where the kids can get messy!) You can also line mini pumpkins along the garden so there is always an autumnal feel when you peek or play outside. Of course this is a Halloween activity and may be nothing new- but coming up with creative ideas to make your pumpkin extra special is a nice idea.

Colour Scavenger hunt

There are so many beautiful colours in autumn; you can make a special autumn colour scavenger hunt using some colour swatches (a nice idea is finding a house paint catalogue as you’ll find small squares of various shades) and sending the kids out to find objects in the garden that match your chosen shades.

Of course, most of these activities depend on dry weather. The cold can easily be faced with woolly hats and mittens, and quick runs out in the rain together could be an adventure in it of itself! You can also think about investing in a cover for your garden so that you can play outside, even during rainfall. Gone are the days of wobbly garden umbrellas, with companies such as Unopiu offering beautiful garden sails which can also add a chic look to your outdoor space. Overhead protection is pretty useful during each season really, offering protection from both the rain and sun throughout the year to make sure you and your family can always play in your garden.
No matter how small your outdoor space is, you can definitely find ways of enjoying it- even if you have to go to the park to collect some leaves to bring back and make autumn decorations for your little back yard.


*In collaboration with Mary Johnson*



  1. Alex Donnelly October 11, 2017 / 9:36 pm

    I can’t wait to have our pumpkin carving night with friends in a week or two! Such a great list of fun things to do outside!

  2. Cheryl | Time To Craft October 16, 2017 / 9:32 am

    A good reminder. There certainly is fun to be had. My children are slightly older, so I challenge them to fill wheelbarrows with apples or leaves. Can backfire, but at least they’ve been outside. #MMBC
    Cheryl | Time To Craft recently posted…How to make a witch’s cauldronMy Profile

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