8 Ways To Secure Your House While You Travel

8 Ways To Secure Your House While You Travel

If you and your family live for the annual holiday, it’s safe to assume your house will be left unattended for at least three weeks of the year.

Considering the recent rise in burglaries and local crime, your concerns about the house are well justified. Since you can’t sacrifice the family holiday, here are some clever ways to secure your house while you’re away:


1 Clever Surveillance

A surveillance camera system is a basic security that every house now needs. You don’t need sophisticated cameras that can see in the dark and shoot in slow motion. Just a simple set up that records and stores activity around your premises should be enough. Many newer systems let you monitor the house remotely from a tablet or smartphone.

2 Motion Sensors

It makes sense to couple your surveillance cameras with motion detectors. You probably want to know if someone gets too close to the house or tries breaking in through the window while you’re away. Hook the motion detector to the alarm system and surveillance cameras for comprehensive security


3 Arrange For House Care

Get one of your friends or neighbours to check up on your house once a week or so while you’re away. You can return the favour the next time they leave on holiday.

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4 Alert Your Alarm Company

If you’re going away, you might want to let your alarm company know where you are and how long you’ll be gone. A good provider should raise the sensitivity of the alarm system and alert authorities before getting in touch with you on holiday.


5 Home Automation

A smarter home might be more convenient, but it adds another layer of vulnerability to your house. Make sure your smart home system is tightly integrated and provided by the same company. Take good care of all your passwords and make sure your family understands the security protocol of all the devices that control the house.


6 Smart Safe

It’s usually a good idea to keep all your valuables safe in one safety deposit box. It’s an even better idea to pick a safety deposit box with sophisticated fingerprint scanners and other features.


7 Set Timers On Lights

Again, if you live in a smart home with automated lighting, set a timer for all the lights at home so that they’re on for at least a few hours every day. A great way to deter burglars is to convince them that you’re home.

8 Get An App Control System

Control smart devices and computers at home from a smartphone app built for home security. Try Alfred or Reolink,  for Android or Presence for iPhone and iPad.


There’s no reason to worry about the safety of your house and belongings while you’re trying to relax on holiday. Following these simple security measures should help you secure your house while you’re away.


*This is a collaborative guest post*



  1. Debbie Roberts August 28, 2017 / 5:29 pm

    Hi Jayne, great tips. There is nothing worse than worrying of your home is safe whilst you are away!

    I’ve recently had a good chat with my parents about the security around their house. This year they were away for two months and they plan to do the same next year and as their house is quite secluded I think they have to take a few more security precautions. We have their dog and valuables while they are away and we do pop in two or three times a week, but lights that work on sensors and a couple of cameras could well act as enough of a deterrent to make a potential burglar think twice… I also gave Mum a lecture on sharing too much information on FB, bless her, it didn’t even occur to her that she was letting the world know they weren’t at home!

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