Home Schooling Catch Up February

We have been home-schooling for four years this year. I really can’t believe how fast that has gone! For us, it was the best decision we could have ever made. I have been meaning to document our days on here for some time now, but just haven’t got around to it, so here it is, our first of many monthly catch ups of what we have been learning!   Landmarks And Monuments Jayden shows a really keen interest in geography… View Post

Saving Money On Your Utility Bills

I think it is common knowledge by now that you can save money simply by switching your utility supplier. We regularly check out various websites to make sure that we are not paying over the odds for our electricity. We live in the middle of the countryside so we do not have gas. As a result, we use a little more electricity than gas households and a small difference in supplier price rates can make a big difference to our… View Post

Learning Biology With Learning Resources

  Ad – This is a gifted collaboration One of the subjects that Jayden is enjoying with our home-ed sessions at the moment is biology. With science week just around the corner, we thought it was perfect timing to partner up with Learning Resources and use their anatomy kits as part of our topic. We have had a lovely week of sunshine so we thought it would be nice to take our session outside! The first model that we assembled… View Post

Enjoying Movie Nights And Gaming With Cello

  AD – Gifted collaboration We are a pretty active family, but just like many others, one of our favourite ways to pass the time in the evenings or through the colder months is to snuggle up on our sofa as a family and watch a movie. We have had our TV for a few years now and have been looking into getting a large screen TV for quite some time. So when the lovely people at Cello sent us the C65Sfs4K… View Post

The Best Trainers for Every Need

Trainers are more than shoes that you wear when exercising. They are now fashion statements, a sign of sophistication, and even a way to show how much you love a particular brand. There are trainers designed for working out and pairs meant to be worn to parties and get-togethers. There are some interesting pairs indeed, including must-have sneakers that will complete your fashion arsenal like no other. If you are out for new trainers and you want to settle for… View Post

7 Reasons To Consider A Flat

I used to live in a flat when I left my parents house, in fact I have lived in two over the years. I think there are many benefits to living in one, but being a keen gardener I went on to get a house so I could have my own garden. Apart from that, I think they are fab. We have partnered up with Deacon Insurance to share some of the benefits of living in a flat.   1 So… View Post