How Safe Is Your Home?

Home is a place where we spend most of our spare time. A place where families sit together, enjoy each others company, a place to relax, a place to cosy up and shut the outside world out after a hard day at work! But how safe are our homes? The home contains all of the people we love the most in our lives, so we need to make sure that everyone’s safety is paramount. Here are a few biggies that should be… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 7/1/19

Hi everyone and welcome to the first Monday Morning Blog Club linky 0f 2019! I hope you have all had a nice break and ready to get back to it! Has anybody got any plans for their blog this year? Don’t forget to pop over to the Facebook group to share them! Lisa from Handmade In Israel has kindly offered to be admin alongside Kim and me, so hopefully, we can make more use of the group this year and not neglect… View Post

The Top 7 Tag

Here we are in 2019, how did that come around so fast? And the thought of turning 40 at the end of this year leaves me feeling traumatised! Haha. I have been tagged by the lovely Laura from Tired Mummy Of Two to take part in the Top 7 Tag. This is where we share 7 blog posts, 7 things that we have loved back in 2018 and 7 things we are looking forward to this year. So here we go!…..… View Post

Keeping On Top Of My Housework With Easy Cleaning Hacks

I have never really seen cleaning as a chore because I actually enjoy it! I used to have my own cleaning business before I had the boys but chose to give that up when my husband took ill. Another reason why I like to stay on top of the housework is that we homeschool, so that means the boys are at home a lot more than children who would go to school. Therefore, there’s lots more to be picked up,… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 31/12/18

Hi everyone and welcome back to Monday Morning Blog Club and the very last one of 2018! I hope you guys have had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed a well-earned rest! Thank you all for making this group as lovely as it is. I love how we have friends in here from all over the world. From here in the UK, the US, Israel and New Zealand! I also want to put more effort into the Facebook group next year… View Post

Spending New Years Eve At Home With Family

We have had many epic New Years Eve parties at our house. We’ve never really bothered going out on New Year’s Eve. Money seems to slip through your fingers like there’s no tomorrow, everything is overpriced and it normally ends up with a Barry having too much beer and wanting to take on the whole pub! We wouldn’t want to spend New Year without our boys anyway! So if like us, you would much rather opt for seeing in the new year… View Post