Monday Morning Blog Club 14/5/18

  Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s #MMBC. I hope you all had a lovely weekend? We have been busy doing more work in the bathroom. I will be so glad when it is all done. I have been preparing for a very special little dudes birthday as well. Jayden turns eight on Sunday. I can’t believe how quick that has gone! He has been busy writing me a birthday list of what he wants. He put on the… View Post

Our Bucket List Update

  It seems so long now since we were planning out our bucket list for this year. I really can’t believe that we are in May already! The time has just flown by. Well, we have been busy having a good go at ticking off some of our to-do’s so I thought I would do a little update on what we have done so far.   Our 2018 Bucket List Update   As you can see from our list, we… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 7/5/18

  Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s #MMBC. As always I totally forgot that this week fell on a bank holiday (for UK members). But I thought I would run the linky for those who would still like to join in. We have been making the most of this gorgeous weather that we have been having over the weekend. Mostly spending time in the garden, having water fights with the nerf guns and generally ‘not acting our age’ Haha!… View Post

Creating A Fun Playroom

  Do you have a spare room that has now become a place to hoard all of those unwanted gifts or to simply¬†hide things away when somebody visits? If you have little ones, then take back control of your living room and make a fun play space for dumping the kid’s toys in¬†for the kids to play in. Check out some of these super lovely home accessories that would be ideal for creating a colourful playroom.   Normann Copenhagen Bau… View Post

Self-Care For Mums

  I’m bringing a bit of something for the mums out there today. Dads, you do a fab job of course, but today it’s all about the busy mommas! I think once you get on the motherhood train it’s so easy to let ourselves go. Taking a back seat whilst our maternal nature sees us mothering those we love and kind of neglecting ourselves! I am a work at home mum and also homeschool my boys, so to say I’m… View Post