Encouraging Children To Be Responsible With Money

Adopting a responsible attitude towards money starts at home. You don’t just need to teach your little ones to understand what money is, but also to help them make sensible decisions. If you’re sometimes a bit clueless about money yourself, then you can find out more here. Once you’re more knowledgeable yourself, you can then use these ideas, encouraging children to be responsible with money.   Play money-related games Board games like Monopoly can be great for teaching children all about… View Post

Finances – Claiming Back What Is Yours

  With everyday living becoming more expensive, every penny counts! Even more so when you have a family to provide for. Simple things such as easy ways to save money and quick ways to increase your income can be a game changer. But did you think of claiming for money that you could well be entitled to? Here are 4 avenues that could potentially give you a payout that you rightly deserve.   Reclaim PPI For Free So many people… View Post

Improving Your Credit Score With Vanquis

I think we have all at some time in our lives felt the strain when it comes to money. I know I have. Especially when I was younger and going into buying my first house and running two cars. There were some weeks I would just literally scrape by. Although it’s not for everybody, my credit card got me through some tough times. One instance was when I had to find a huge vets bill when my beautiful Staffordshire bull terrier… View Post

How To Raise Cash When You Need It Fast

At one time or another most of us will have had money problems, that’s life. Whether you be a student living on the breadline, or work circumstances have changed leaving you strapped for cash, it can be hard to keep afloat when your bank is well and truly drained. Here are some ways how to make money fast when you need it the most.   How To Raise Cash With Little Effort    Cash In Your Gold This is a… View Post

25 Ways To Make Some Extra Money

  I think we have all at one point had to tighten our belts and watch our pennies, unless you are Alan Sugar that is! And especially when you have a family, every penny makes a difference. I have made a little list (I love a good list) of easy ways to hopefully help you make a bit of extra cash and some can be done from the comfort of your sofa!   25 Ways To Make Some Extra Money… View Post

How To Make Your Pennies Work Hard For You In A Low-Interest World

For those of us trying to save for the future, and to secure our family’s long-term financial health, the opportunities to earn decent returns have all but disappeared. It wasn’t that long ago that you could enjoy rates of over 5 per cent on a standard Cash ISA. These days, the landscape has been absolutely flattened. It was when the Santander 123 account cut its headline rate from 3 per cent to 1.5 per cent at the end of 2016,… View Post