Creating A Fun Playroom

  Do you have a spare room that has now become a place to hoard all of those unwanted gifts or to simply hide things away when somebody visits? If you have little ones, then take back control of your living room and make a fun play space for dumping the kid’s toys in for the kids to play in. Check out some of these super lovely home accessories that would be ideal for creating a colourful playroom.   Normann Copenhagen Bau… View Post

Dyson Pure Cool Tower TP04 Air Purifier

Spring is finally here. The lighter nights are so much more favourable and the warmer weather is on its way. I love this time of year. I seem to get twice as much done. I think to see the sun out, being able to have the windows wide open and a line full of washing, just makes me more productive. What better time to have a good clear out of unused goods and give the house a good Spring clean? I don’t… View Post

Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer Entertaining

I love the Summer months. Having fun outside in the warm weather and enjoying the lighter nights. It just seems like you can get so much more done. I also love having friends around, hanging out in the garden with the bbq cooking away and maybe indulging in a few cheeky drinks! Oh, bliss. Do you like to have get-togethers in the Summer? Then enjoy these easy ways to get your garden ready for that next epic party!   Getting Your… View Post

5 Ways To Save On Water Costs

  Everyday living can be quite expensive, especially when you have a family. We all know that feeling when an unexpected bill drops the through letterbox and drains the bank account. But there are simple ways that we can knock a few pounds off our bills by making just a few simple adjustments. To get you started here are 5 ways to save on water costs.    1 Walk-In Shower Showers, in general, are more efficient than running a bath.… View Post

Adapting A Bathroom For Easy Accessibility

  We can so easily take the little things for granted. Such as getting out of bed in the morning, taking a shower and getting dressed. All of these simple things can become more of a chore as we get older. With that thought in mind and having worked in the care industry myself, I would like to share some very useful bathroom aids that can really help with mobility restrictions. I hope these come in useful should you have… View Post