Sensational Scandi: A Style That Suits Any Home

Sensational Scandi: A Style That Suits Any Home

Minimal, clean lines and gorgeous light and airy spaces- all things we associate with Scandi decor. This style has taken off in a big way in recent years and it doesn’t take a genius to see why. As well as being elegant and beautiful, here are a few reasons that it suits any home.


Easy to keep clean

Scandi themed decor is all about keeping things simple. It doesn’t involve lots and lots of items in the room and is definitely more minimal than traditionally cosy. Take shabby chic style decor for example, it typically involves lots of cushions, artwork, ornaments and other accessories that fill up the space. However with minimal decor, it means there’s less to clean, and it’s easier to do so. There’s no having to dust lots of smaller items for example, or clean many individual things. If you want a home that’s easy to keep clean and tidy then this style of decor is something that’s likely to work well for you. You might think white isn’t the best choice if you have pets and kids, but if you choose a wipeable paint it looks just as good as regular paint, but can be cleaned down in seconds. Ideal for a busy family home!


Can be done on a budget

If you don’t have lots of items to buy for your room then decorating it can keep costs down too. Even when it comes to the wall colour, white paint tends to be cheaper than colourful varieties and is much cheaper and easier to do than wallpapering. In terms of flooring, light wooden floors are common with Scandi design, white or light wood laminates can be fitted cheaply if you’re on a budget, or you could always go with a neutral carpet. While it’s not what would be fitted authentically, you can pick and choose which elements of the theme you’d like to go with.


Spacious feel

All of us want to spend time in rooms which feel light, bright and airy. We’re not all lucky enough to live in enormous homes, but there are ways we can make even small rooms feel as spacious as possible. White walls reflect the light and are an easy way to make any space feel bigger. Having less furniture and decor items also frees up space, making the most of the room that you have. It’s common knowledge that light colours make rooms look bigger and dark colours make them look smaller, so choosing a style which makes the most of lots of white and light shades is ideal if you’re in a small home. However, it lends itself just as nicely to rooms that are already large and spacious.



Just because Scandi decor uses a lot of white and is more minimalism in design doesn’t mean it’s not interesting! One of the main features of this kind of decor, is that there are a couple of statement pieces in the room. It could be a couple of brightly coloured cushions or a even a chair- yellow, navy and pink are common but it could be any colour. You can also use varying shades of grey or add monochrome touches to add interest and break everything up. For example, keeping the walls plain but then adding a gallery wall with chunky black frames to one wall would draw the eye in. You could add interesting coloured plants and unique styles of light and lamp fittings to add personality.

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Simple to execute

If you’re a lover of home decor, chances are you enjoy flipping through home magazines and sites like Pinterest at the gorgeous styles. You might have even had a go at recreating them yourself. But how did you get on? Often, it’s difficult to emulate these themes and style things in the same way, as they can be quite complex and difficult to recreate. However, because Scandi design is simple it’s easy to do. There’s no need to wallpaper or layer up lots of different items. It’s relatively easy to browse through a few Scandi styles and put together a look that resembles it based on things you can easily buy here in the UK. Since Ikea is home to this kind of style, go on a trip to your nearest store and you’ll more than likely be able to get everything you need.


It can still be personal to you

It’s easy to assume that a minimal, neutral decor style can be a little impersonal, but it’s not the case. Because of the statement items you can bring in, you can still tailor it to you and your own tastes. Take the gallery wall idea for example- fill it with photos, prints and quotes that mean something to you. When you incorporate a colour, choose a colour that you genuinely love.

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Suits any kind of home

It doesn’t matter if your property is big or small, rented or bought. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house or an apartment, because of the neutral tones it will seamlessly work in any kind of building. It’s as good for a living room as it is for a kitchen, bedrooms, offices and dining rooms can all be kitted out this way.


Scandi really is the kind of decor theme that would lend itself to any kind of home. You don’t need a huge budget or a massive amount of experience in interior design to make it work. It’s something that anyone could execute.

Are you a fan of the elegant, clean lights and neutral tones of Scandi decor?

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