Winter Warming Dinners With Prestige

Winter Warming Dinners With Prestige

Winter is almost upon us and we reach out more for hearty meals. Casseroles and stews are often on our weekly meals list when the colder weather kicks in. We usually pop it in the slow cooker but we have recently partnered up with Prestige and have been using our new pressure cooker.

Pressure cooking works by increasing pressure inside the pan. By increasing the pressure, you increase the boiling point of the fluid inside. This then allows you to cook at higher temperatures and ultimately reduces cooking times.

Smart Plus 6L stainless steel pressure cooker

The Smart Plus 6L stainless steel pressure cooker comes in a polished finish which looks extremely smart.

Smart Plus 6L stainless steel pressure cooker controls

There is an easy to use safety catch to ensure that the lid is opened and closed safely. A useful feature is the adjustable pressure regulator, with two pressure settings of 8 pound and 12 pounds. At 12 pounds of pressure, food cooks in one-third of the time!

Pressure indicator on the Smart Plus 6L stainless steel pressure cooker

To ensure that you never open the pan under pressure there is a simple pressure indicator. When the pressure rises, the red indicator pops up to alert you, then drops when it is safe to open the pan.

Inside the Smart Plus 6L stainless steel pressure cooker

Supplied with the smart plus pressure cooker is a steamer-separator and a trivet to enable easy steaming of vegetables and rice as well as a multitude of other things.

Pressure cooker beef stew ingredients.

We tried our beef stew recipe in the pressure cooker. We usually have this in the oven for three hours or all day in the slow cooker.

Pressure cooker beef stew with mustard mash and broccoli.

Our new pressure cooker enabled us to have dinner on the table in just 45 minutes! The stew tasted amazing, exactly the same as in the slow cooker. The vegetables were cooked perfectly and the beef was super moist and tender.

Not only does pressure cooking reduce cooking times, but the efficiency also allows you to reduce the heat applied to the pan resulting in lower energy bills.

The Smart Plus pressure cooker is a great addition to any busy family kitchen. Hearty home cooked meals in the time it takes to boil some potatoes, all by using less energy! I will be using mine whenever I can.



  1. Margaret Gallagher December 13, 2018 / 6:22 pm

    Going back to the good old days – wouldn’t be without mine – hearty warming good made easy

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