Spending New Years Eve At Home With Family

Spending New Years Eve At Home With Family

We have had many epic New Years Eve parties at our house. We’ve never really bothered going out on New Year’s Eve. Money seems to slip through your fingers like there’s no tomorrow, everything is overpriced and it normally ends up with a Barry having too much beer and wanting to take on the whole pub! We wouldn’t want to spend New Year without our boys anyway! So if like us, you would much rather opt for seeing in the new year with your nearest and dearest from the sofa, then here are a few fun ideas on helping you have a blast!

Play family games

We love playing family board games and have such a laugh doing so. Games such as Pie Face, Cobra Paw, Beasts of BalanceWho’s the Dude? And if you have an Alexa then I can highly recommend When in Rome. All of these types of games get the whole family involved, both young and old.


Make a buffet

My boys love it when I do a little party spread for them. We have lots of little nibbles on the table and everyone can just help themselves to what they want. I normally get snacky bits like crisps, sausage rolls and some meaty bites such as popcorn chicken, bbq ribs and chicken goujons. The kids love dips too so I get a variety of those and make my easy salsa dip that they go mad for!

Party food and picky snacks on a table. 

Have a movie night

We have movie nights regularly at our house, not just on New Year. You can make it extra special for the kids and get some popcorn cartons. I recently got some from Amazon for under £2. I then filled them with brownie flavoured popcorn from Tesco, which tastes amazing! If you know what you plan on watching you could do a themed night and print off some tickets and stick some wraps around some paper cups with characters from the film. The little details are the most enjoyable for little ones.

Family movie night. A family lying on cushions watching a movie together. 

Memory Jars and Wish Jars

Perhaps you have a jar that you post fun memories in throughout the year. Then you could get together as a family and read through them all. You could also make a wish jar of all the activities and places you would like to visit in the upcoming year.

Whatever you choose to do, stay safe and have an amazing time. Happy New Year!



  1. Faye Reed January 2, 2019 / 7:04 pm

    I was the same,spent new years at home with the kds. Perfect.

  2. Louise Laing January 3, 2019 / 1:01 am

    Amazing blog post!!

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