Poundland Upcycle Christmas Craft

Poundland Upcycle Christmas Craft

Christmas time is here and we have been busy doing lots of fun Christmas crafts like this cute Scene in a jar craft and our Christmas Eve box craft. Today’s craft is a bit of an upcycle project. We had some little tinsel trees from Poundland last year, but I wasn’t all that keen on them so they went back up in the loft. That was until I saw a genius idea from Mr Carrington’s Youtube channel who turned them into a lovely Christmassy focal point so I just had to have a go myself!


What you need

Tinsel tree base – If you don’t have one of these you could make a wire frame using Hobbycraft or other craft store supplies.

Pine cones

White paint

Glue gun

Poundland Christmas tree upcycle craft

First I took the tinsel off the tree and painted the tree base with my white chalk paint. This paint dries really quickly so there wasn’t much waiting around.

Then I glued on my pinecones to fill in the gaps.

Attaching the pinecones to the base.

Once the pinecones were all in place I just brushed the tips with a little chalk paint.

Pinecone Christmas tree craft

This is a super quick craft and looks so much better now than it did as a tinsel tree.

If crafts are your thing then you may want to check out our crafts page for other fun makes.

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  1. Arabella Bazley January 3, 2019 / 7:12 am

    I’m sure we all have cupboards full of things we could upcycle. Perhaps a weekly gossip and share to make it a competition between friends would inspire us all to greater things.

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