How to Use Fast Growing Trees to Quickly Enhance Your Home

How to Use Fast Growing Trees to Quickly Enhance Your Home

Having a nice garden is a big plus. It provides you with a great place to relax and somewhere for the kids to play. When you look after it, a garden can really enhance everyone’s life.

There are lots of improvements you can make with the help of fast-growing trees. Here are just a few of them.

Use them to create an interesting focal point

Trees make really good focal points. You can use them to create the illusion of more space or simply to add a touch of class to an otherwise normal looking garden.

If you plan to use trees in this way, it is usually best to pick an ornamental variety. For example, a red maple, a crepe myrtle, Magnolia or a nice fruit tree. All of these trees have bright flowers or foliage for much of the year, so they make beautiful centrepieces or focal points.

Improve the privacy of your garden

You can also use fast growing trees to quickly create a tall hedge. If your garden is next to a path or you just don’t want to see as much of your neighbours, don’t worry. All you need to do is to plant a row of Norway spruce, leylandii or hybrid poplars, which can all be cut into attractive hedges.

When working out what to plant take into account your soil conditions and be sure to cut the tops off to stop them growing too tall. They only need to be tall enough to protect your privacy. You do not want to block too much of your neighbours light, or yours.


Create spaces for different uses

These types of trees are also good if you want to set aside parts of your garden for different uses. For example, you may want to create a private place where you can sit and read or do yoga. Using the right fast-growing trees you can always divide off certain parts of your garden. If that does not appeal you could use trelliswork and fast growing plants instead. There are dozens of different types you could use. All of which you can easily find out about, online.


Screen off part of your garden

If you have a big garden and do not have the time to look after it you could consider using fast-growing trees to screen part of it off. You could for example plant a row of laurels or holly. These can be planted close together and cut into a hedge so that you cannot see that part of the garden at all. Potentially, you could let it go wild or allow a friend or neighbour set up a vegetable patch behind it.

If you prefer you could plant some trees that are evergreen and have bushy foliage that starts quite low on the trunk. English yew, or in warmer places, a few false peppers are two examples of the types of trees I mean. These types of trees will not leave you staring at a solid wall of green all day, something that can easily overwhelm the rest of your garden. Instead, you will have attractive, traditional-looking trees to enjoy. Trees that will provide just enough shielding to make it less obvious that the bottom end of your garden has been left to go wild.


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