5 Home Office Ideas When You Don’t Have The Space

5 Home Office Ideas When You Don’t Have The Space

I love working from home. It gives me the freedom to work the hours I choose (although often long hours!) and it enables me to spend more time with my children and to be able to homeschool them both. However, working from home can have its challenges, especially when it comes to planning out where your office is going to be based.
Are you going to have your desk in the living room so you can work around the kids? Or will the TV be too distracting? Do you want your own room for your office but haven’t got that option? Then there are 5 ways you can create your own home office when you just don’t have space.


Garage Conversion

It makes total sense that if you have a garage, then use this to your advantage and convert it into your home office. Garages generally hoard stuff anyway! So why not put it to good use? This would be a much cheaper option than having an extension built.


Summer House

If you have a reasonable sized garden you could get a beautifully designed summerhouse. They offer a light airy feel and blend in well with the garden. It could have several uses besides a home office. I could be a go-to place to relax after grafting in the garden, a retreat to get some peace and quiet and finally finish reading that book! Or a shelter for guests on a summer evening.


Garden Room

Garden rooms offer a low maintenance, modern solution to the demand for outdoor space. They are fully insulated so can be used all year round and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some come with floor to ceiling glass panels so that you can get maximum light coming into your home office. Ideal if you do a lot of photography like me.



Conservatories are an alternative home office idea. Modern designs even come with a tiled roof to ensure they are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  You also get that little distance from the house without being a million miles away! Just enough to get the peace and quiet you need to get things done.


Loft Conversion

Everybody has loft space, so why not use it for more than storing the Christmas decorations? By adding roof windows you could have a nice airy space. Ok, this option may cost a little more than the others, but it doesn’t have to be completed overnight. Attack a little at a time and you will soon have that home office you have always dreamed of!


Do you have a home office? Or maybe you work from the sofa and dream of one?

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