Planning Ahead When Booking A Cruise

Planning Ahead When Booking A Cruise

Going on a cruise is a fab way to explore the stunning sights that this world has to offer. With a little bit of preparation, your holiday will be one to remember. Here are some useful tips to bear in mind should you be considering jumping on board and sailing the seas!

Seek Professional Advice

Going on a cruise for the first time can seem a little daunting, with so many things to plan for. Get together with a travel agent who will share their knowledge in order to organise the perfect holiday. They can run through ideal locations. Are you looking for a family cruise? Then perhaps Disney Castaway Cay would be suitable. Maybe you are wanting a sightseeing trip with an abundance of wildlife and breathtaking views? Then why not go on an Alaska cruise? The choices are endless and that is where a travel agent can customise your package to meet your requirements.


Arrive Early

When you are planning a cruise with a family then I think it is so much less stressful to arrive a day before you set sail. This way everybody can catch up on sleep and be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the journey ahead. The kids will be much happier for it and us parents can maintain our blood pressure levels!


Beat the Seasickness
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There is nothing worse than setting off on your holiday only to be consumed by motion sickness. It really does take the excitement off a trip and leaves you feeling lousy. Be sure to book an appointment with your GP prior to travelling to see how they can help with any possible motion sickness bouts. Even if you don’t generally suffer from this, it is always best to take something along to fall back on should you need it.


Make A Packing Check List

I make lists for everything. It’s the only way that I can remain organised and not forget anything! A packing list is a must for me when travelling, especially when making sure we have everything for my boys and my husband has his huge amount of daily meds prepared.

You can find some really useful tips on what to take along on a cruise in this fab Infographic from Rol Cruises.

ROL Cruise What can I take on a cruise ship

Have you been on a cruise before? Or perhaps you are planning one.

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