Fancy Yourself A Woman Cave?

Fancy Yourself A Woman Cave?

I suppose this one is for the ladies. Sorry guys, but you have your mancaves, that place to hide away relax in. So today we are talking woman caves! Do you work from home and long for a workspace to call your own? The first thing I did when we moved to our new house was to make sure one area of the living room was claimed for my desk!

But if you are a work at home mum like myself, then you will know that the thought of having a room all to yourself, just to get on with things with a little peace and quiet, would be like winning the bloody lottery. I am extremely lucky that my husband helps out so much that I do get that precious time to get stuck in and meet the many deadlines I work to each week.

The house we are in now is a little smaller than our previous house, so there is no way I could have a separate room.  Converting a garage would be ideal. Don’t dismay if you don’t have one, because there is always the option of having one built. The beauty of that is it would be totally customisable to fit in perfectly with its surroundings, like the sectional concrete garages from Lidget Compton. We have plenty of space to accommodate one and just think of all of that tack I can buy to decorate it!

If you are struggling for an excuse for a valid reason to get one then here are 4 good ones!


 1 Home Office

As above, it is essential to get some peace and quiet to complete all of those to-dos on your never-ending list. Converting a garage into a home office would free up so much space in the home and things such as desktop pc’s, etc could be left inside with the added security of a concrete building.


2 Gym

I could really do with an outbuilding just for this reason. I really need to make more of an effort to keep fit and this would be the perfect way to do so. Not to mention the massive savings that can be made by cutting out gym memberships.


3 Home Cinema

Fancy a Netflix binge with the girls? Do it in style with your own cinema room. I must admit my kids would love this and I would most probably spend my spare time watching Disney films with the kiddies!


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4 Bar

How awesome would it be to have your own mini pub in the garden? The perfect place to hold a party and gather all of your friends and family around. Let’s face it, there is no husband living that would turn that opportunity down hehe!

Have I convinced you?


*This is a collaborative post*

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