Season’s Cleanings With Vorwerk

Season’s Cleanings With Vorwerk

The big day is almost here and we are starting to wind down at work and let the countdown begin. You know the score, festering at home in our PJ’s enjoying the freedom from the daily alarm clock. Rocking a bedhead all day because that’s how you roll! The kids toys consuming the floor space and it’s like tiptoeing across a minefield just to reach your kitchen. But, do our cleaning rituals slip over the holidays or do we go into a full on cleaning frenzy to impress our guests?


Another One Bites The Dust

We have been asked by the awesome guys at Vorwerk to take part in their Season’s Cleanings campaign and was quite surprised as to what lengths people will go to when trying to impress guests. I am certainly one of those who likes cleaning and will go that extra mile if we are expecting anybody at ours. There’s always stuff to put away with my two little monkeys and it can be hard work, but I feel that my rooms feel more homely when they are clean and tidy.


Out Of Sight Out Of Mind!

Would you remain cool,  calm and collected if somebody turned up at your home unannounced? Or would you panic like hell and throw everything in the nearest cupboard and deal with it later? Two words Meter reader! Is it just me? or do they always seem to knock your door when your house is a complete tip? And you have to grab what you can and throw it out of site before you entertain the thought of letting them in? Happens every time!

Research shows that 46% of women will fly into a panic and begin emergency cleaning if visitors appear unexpectedly, while 40% of men stay cool about the situation and only 24% feel the need to do any sprucing up. While 27% of women say they don’t worry about a bit of mess when caught off-guard, 8% will go as far as suggesting another meeting place to avoid loved ones popping in altogether.


The Quick Spruce Up

Then we have the cleaner who has a quick fix alternative.

The majority (72%) of us turn to shortcuts to help us keep up our clean and tidy appearances. Top five shortcut clean-up tactics:

  1. Hide things in the junk room (29%)
  2. Light a scented candle (17%)
  3. Hide things under the beds (15%)
  4. Hide items in the garage (12%)
  5. Hide things in the dishwasher (8%)


And to help you get your home guest ready this season, you can check out these fab tips from Channel 4 Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners star Lynsey Queen of Clean.

Lynsey Queen of Clean’s top tips for getting your home guest ready

  1. Start off by clearing the entrance to your home so guests don’t fall clutter when they walk in. Make sure your doormat is clean by giving it a shake and sweep away any dirt.

  3. Next, clean the kitchen. Put any dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher and make sure your tea towels are clean. Spray a damp microfiber cloth with all-purpose spray and use it to wipe over kitchen surfaces and brush crumbs onto the floor, then vacuum the room.

  5. Guests are likely to spend a lot of time in your living room. Tidy away clutter such as books and magazines, and if you have a pet, rub your furniture with a damp rubber glove to remove pet hair. Spray your sofas with a fabric freshener and turn your cushions over instead of vacuuming them to save time.

  7. The bathroom is an area in your home where your guests will spend time alone and will make judgements about how clean it is! If you only have a minute, do these three things: 1. Get an antibacterial wipe and wipe down the sink, the toilet seat (with a new one) and underneath the base of the toilet. 2. Scrub the inside of the toilet. 3. Get a new fresh hand towel.

  9. Lastly, if there’s a room in your home that you don’t want guests to enter, simply closing the door will make them less likely to go in.


It’s been fun learning about everyones take on cleaning. I think I might even get one of those robot vacuums, that way I can finally get to read that book that I’ve been meaning to finish!
For more tips and advice on how to get your home spick and span and ready for the festive season please visit Vorwerk’s Season’s Cleanings.


*This is a collaborative post*



  1. Eva Trelfa December 23, 2017 / 6:49 pm

    Ive just spent the day cleaning our house in preparation for Christmas. Exhausted now!

  2. Jessica - A Modern Mom's Life January 8, 2018 / 1:53 pm

    I’m one to try to get things tidy, but I’m also one to force my kids to clean up, or at least take all their crap to their bedrooms! Kitchen counters clear, and living room reasonable are my only wants for company. And if someone drops by unexpectedly (that never happens to me!) oh well – this is my life!
    Jessica – A Modern Mom’s Life recently posted…Working Moms & Real Life ResolutionsMy Profile

  3. Bec January 8, 2018 / 3:55 pm

    I do like to have a today house and luckily so does my husband. In fact, I would go as far as to say that he feels the stress of unexpected visitors more than I do. What can I say? I am one lucky lady! Thank you for the tips, I shall await guests with antic wipes at the ready…. now where are they??
    Bec recently posted…How do you know when your family is complete?My Profile

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