10 Point Checklist For Giving Your Home A Deep Clean

10 Point Checklist For Giving Your Home A Deep Clean

 As the end of the year draws closer it’s high time that you give your home the deep cleaning it needs. So if you’re up for the challenge, follow our ten point checklist, and you’ll soon start to notice the difference from the kitchen right through to the bedroom.


The Kitchen

It’s likely that you wipe down surfaces and smaller kitchen appliances regularly, so now is the time to concentrate on giving the rest a thorough clean.

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First, remove any old or unwanted food or drink before wiping down shelves and compartments with a damp cloth.



Clear out cupboards and wipe them down with a warm, damp cloth. Remember to recycle any cardboard, plastic and glass containers.



The hob will probably need a good scrub so do this with a suitable cleaning product, making sure to shine up any ceramics at the end.


Floors And Doors

Pull out your appliances so that you can thoroughly sweep and mop the floors, you’d be surprised at how much dirt can get trapped behind your fridge and your oven. After that, wipe down your kitchen or bi-fold patio doors both inside and out to make a welcoming impression.


The Bathroom

 The bathroom is well worth a cleaning overhaul because after all, why would you neglect to clean the room that you clean yourself in?

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Use a good quality toilet cleaner to tackle tough limescale buildup and make sure you get into every nook and cranny for the ultimate clean.


Shower Or Bath

Natural products such as vinegar and baking soda can effectively remove tough soap scum, but otherwise, a disinfectant spray should do the job.


Floors And Surfaces

Wipe down all surfaces and clean out any bathroom cupboards, making sure to throw away anything that’s out of date. Clean floor tiles with a scrubbing brush, paying attention to any mould that has built up on the grouting.


The Bedroom

It’s a room you spend a lot of time in and a space that should be made as comfortable as can be. It’s easy to spruce it up by doing the following.

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Curtains Or Blinds

If your curtains are lightweight, it’s probably worth throwing them in the washing machine with regular laundry detergent. Blinds can be cleaned in a bucket of hot, soapy water or a damp cloth, depending on the type you have.



Move furniture wherever possible to get rid of whatever is lurking behind. The likelihood is that a lot of dust bunnies have gathered here over time so you might want to make sure you’re armed with the vacuum cleaner.



Washing your bedding should be a regular occurrence, but a deep clean also involves flipping the mattress over to avoid the springs wearing down and prevents the mattress from sagging


Our easy to follow checklist will let you fly around the house to get your cleaning jobs in no time at all. That means there’s more time for something exciting – like Christmas shopping!

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