7 Top Tips For A Timeless Kitchen

7 Top Tips For A Timeless Kitchen

Trends come and go. For homeowners, this is a problem because it means changing the house’s style every couple of months. Not only is it hassle, but it’s infuriating when an old trend comes back into fashion. But, renovations are necessary if you want to keep up with the Jones’s.

However, what if it wasn’t a requirement at all? What if the house could stay the same without losing its appeal? That would be the Holy Grail. Well, the good news is that a timeless style is possible. All you need are the right features and the property will never get old or tired again.

Of course, starting with one room at a time is essential. Let’s face it – they did not build Rome in a day. With that in mind, below are the ingredients for a kitchen that will last a lifetime. Incorporate these into the room and you won’t have to worry about renovating for ages.


White Cabinets

Don’t let style trump substance. Before you focus on the fashion, it is important for the kitchen to have all the right equipment. Cabinets are a must because they are a great storage solution and fill in the gaps in the room. The problem is that they can begin to look fatigued after a short while due to wear and tear. This applies in particular if the cabinets are not a neutral colour as the shine and gloss fade quickly. All that’s left are fittings that look old and ugly. White is a colour which doesn’t suffer from the same problems. Not only does it age well, but it adds an element of freshness and cleanliness throughout. And, if it needs a touch-up, a tin of paint will come in handy. Don’t just rely on white because cream and eggshell work well, too.


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Black Work Tops

Today’s modern trends involve multi coloured counter tops that pop. For the most part, all they do is hurt a person’s eyes when someone walks into the room! Okay, they can look the part, but they have a shelf life because of the colour. A mixture of reds and blues and yellows isn’t going to last as the trend will fade away. When this happens, there is nothing to do but redecorate. Otherwise, the work tops will look silly, as will the rest of the kitchen. One reason black works well is that it never goes out of fashion. From the dawn of time to now, it is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere soon. Plus, a nice extra is a contrast of white and black. They are both as striking as they are ageless.


Basic Design Features

Timeless is a synonym for “classic”. And, a classic kitchen doesn’t bother itself with new age gadgets and gizmos. Don’t worry because this doesn’t subdue the creative juices. All it means is that you have to be selective when choosing fittings and matching accessories. For instance, there are certain features which are in every kitchen, from a fridge to an oven. The trick is not to go overboard with the design. So, a plain, stainless steel refrigerator is a better choice than a light blue one with a timer. To begin with, steel is neutral and fits in with the colour scheme, and it doesn’t appear too modern. Think about accessories carefully, too. Island legs, toe kicks and crown moulding seem appropriate, yet they will appear gaudy. As a rule, try to restrain the pomp and ceremony and use fundamentals to create a beautiful design.

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Elegant Appliances

Elegance never goes out of fashion, which is why it is an excellent addition to a classic kitchen. There are lots of ways to get the right style, but appliances tend to work best. The reason is simple: they offset the entire look. Using neutral colours and simple design features is the foundation of elegance, and the right appliances put the cherry on the top. A chandelier is a prime example. For one thing, the connotations with this light fitting have links with the rich and famous. Already, this is a perfect place to start because who is more graceful? But, the light they give off also adds to the appeal. Rather than intense, powerful beams, it gives off a soft, warm glow which adds to the atmosphere. Other than light, double Belfast sinks are useful too. Deep and made from ceramic, they are flexible and work with most kitchen styles. Extra examples include a breakfast bar or island, and spotlights under the cabinets.

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Hardwood Flooring

The floor is an important part of any kitchen because it tends to have the largest surface area. Therefore, it is the main focal point and sets the tone for the rest of the room. Options include everything from tiles to carpet, but hardwood will never go out of style. Firstly, it’s easy to maintain because it’s smooth, plus it’s glossy and has a great shine. Secondly, the style is flexible and mixes and matches with a majority of trends. Whether you want to go classic or contemporary, a hardwood floor will always be an option. Thirdly, there are multiple versions, and that makes it cheap. An oak floor is not realistic because of the price, yet laminate is acceptable. Not only is it cost-effective, but it gives off a similar feel to real hardwood. The pros make it a no-brainer regardless of the style.


Door Styles

Don’t just think about the main entry points to the kitchen. Doors are everywhere thanks to the cabinets, so they need your full attention. Going too ornate is obviously not a savvy move for a traditional kitchen. So, the door styles need to find a happy medium between traditional and modern. Let’s start with the cabinets because they are the trickiest. Options include shaker, raised panels or flat-panel doors because you won’t find them in modern kitchens. Yes, they are simple, to say the least, but they supplement the rest of the room perfectly. Next, move onto the big doors such as the garden entrance and the one from the hall. Try and avoid shutters and sliders because they have a contemporary feel. Instead, think about patio doors for the garden and a Victorian Ascot. The VA is a solid front door type, and the patio doors are a mix of old and new. They are old in the sense that they don’t slide, but new because they open inwards and look spectacular.

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The mistake people make regarding a classic kitchen style is the flexibility. They assume it has to have X and it needs to look like Y to work. In reality, this is not the case because timeless kitchens are flexible. How do you think they last the test of time? By keeping the same foundation and adding new trends here and there. Reflect on the chairs for a moment. Don’t let the word “classic” get in your head. If you like, you can take a traditional set and change them for bar stools. They are an excellent addition to a kitchen island or breakfast bar. The same goes the lighting. A chandelier is perfectly fine, but spotlights can work just as well. In fact, they are very effective as you can turn down the power and dim the lights. Never be scared to mix new and old together. Just don’t go over the top as the style can suffer if it is too ostentatious.

Put these together and voila: a timeless kitchen. Now, for the rest of the house!


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