Give Your Guest Room A Boutique Hotel Edge

Give Your Guest Room A Boutique Hotel Edge

Your spare room may be piled high with boxes, toys and gym equipment that hasn’t been used in a while.  However, wouldn’t it be nice if the room was a little more considered and any guests staying over didn’t have to squeeze in next to a treadmill? It might be time to start thinking about creating an inviting space so you can have visitors (particularly grandparents/babysitters) over, and they’ll be able to sleep in a comfortable and chic environment. Decorating your guest room is the perfect chance to have a little fun with the interior design as you can always close the door before trying again and won’t be faced with any mishaps or mistakes every night. The following are some ideas for those who feel like sprucing up their spare room and giving the feel of a boutique hotel.

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Make It Plush

The emphasis on any bedroom should be on comfort; however, you probably have your wardrobe, a desk, a maybe a selection of the kid’s toys scattered about your sleeping space. Your guest room can be free of all the added extras that you need in a regularly-used family space. Therefore, you can focus on the plush pillows, cushions, and throws that your visitors will sink into and drift off to sleep. Bring a deep-pile rug into the room; pop it under or next to the bed so that guests will feel the soft texture beneath their toes when then get of bed each day.


Add an armchair or a chaise lounge to the room and adorn it with a plush throw or a woolly blanket; aside from being aesthetically appealing, the surface will be great for your mum or whoever’s visiting to pop their bags down on. Invest in a quality mattress and accompany it with a warm duvet and quality bed sheets. Your guest won’t want to leave!


Create A Designer Feel

Alongside all the soft furnishings: you should consider the interior accessories you use and make every detail a design statement. Pop a tube light bulb into the lamp on the bedside table, or the wall lights, so that the room has a warm glow and no area will be neglected. Think about what you’d expect in a hotel; add coasters, a carafe and glasses, and a large mirror to the room so that you guests will be able to settle in comfortably and have everything they need at hand. The thought-out details that you provide will give the space a boutique hotel ambience, and they won’t go unnoticed by your guests.


Be Brave With Colour

Your spare room is your chance to have some fun with the choice of paint and colour you use on the walls; take inspiration from your favourite interior magazines and websites and figure out what might work in the space. Your bedroom might be a cool crisp white; so take it up a notch with a deep blue, teal, or grey hue and pick your accessories and furnishings accordingly. Who knows; you might end up switching bedrooms and sleeping in the spare room (well, you have made all that effort).

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