Action-Packed Birthday Ideas For Kids

Action-Packed Birthday Ideas For Kids

Looking for a birthday party idea to get your kids active? Rather than simply resorting to a cinema trip or hiring the local community centre, here are five active birthday party ideas that are certain to make their birthday a memorable one.


Laser tag

Laser tag has been around since 1984, making it a relatively new activity. It basically involves trying to score points by shooting one another with laser guns (obviously non-harmful!). There’s usually smoke and lighting and other special effects to give it that extra sense of adventure. This can be a great activity for large parties and all ages can get involved. You’ll find these laser tags centres everywhere – pricing can vary depending on how elaborate the centre is, but generally it can be quite a bargain. You can even buy laser tag equipment from companies such as Quasar Elite for home use.



Paintballing is generally more suited to older kids. This is a more outdoorsy activity and is generally more expensive, but nothing quite beats it for thrills. You can look up rates on paintballing at Delta Force as well as many other company websites. The kit and guns are usually supplied although you may have to pay on top for paintballs. Paintballing arenas will vary in size and offer all different opportunities.

Outdoor Tree Top Adventure

Companies such as Go Ape are famous for this activity which involves an assault course up in the trees, often involving zip wires, climbing walls, Tarzan ropes and other obstacles. Again, this is more suited to older kids, although some parks may have runs that cater for young kids too. The runs generally increase in difficulty and you can challenge yourself to whichever level you feel comfortable.



 For kids that love their cars, go-karting is the perfect day out. You’ll find go-karting tracks all over the place – there are indoor and outdoor examples, all of different sizes. Some tracks will be better suited for kids, but generally they’re friendly for most ages. Some tracks may also hold special party events such as tournaments and other challenges which you may be able to grab a deal on.

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These strange and modern contraptions are great for a kids’ party. They’re easy to operate and relatively safe and can be taken on tours either around a town or out in the country. Segway companies will supply you with safety equipment, train you how to use them and then take you out on a tour. It’s usually not worth buying these vehicles as they are very expensive – going through a rental company with a guide can be much cheaper.

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