UK Rubik’s Speedcubing Championships

  The Rubik’s Cube! I think everybody has a fond memory of them from their childhood days. If you are a bit of a master at solving the Rubik’s then you will be interested to know that The Rubik’s Speedcubing Championships are taking place at Stevenage between the 27th – 29th October.   Rubik’s Cube Bloggers We have been going Rubik’s crazy lately being on the Rubik’s Blogger panel. John Adams stock a wide range of Rubik’s puzzles for all ages. Just… View Post

Magicube Magnetic Blocks Range & Giveaway

Magicube building blocks
My youngest has recently been checking out the fab new Geomag magnetic building blocks sets. He loves building things so you can imagine how excited he was when his little delivery arrived.   Magicube Safari Park Magnetic Blocks £35 The Safari set consists of 14 blocks. There is also a set of cards showing what you can create with the blocks. Such as a lion, a giraffe, a camel and a parrot. I love that these blocks are magnetic and… View Post

Rubik’s Junior Toys & Giveaway

  When I was a kid I remember my brothers having the classic Rubik’s cube. They would play for ages, seeing who could solve the puzzle in the quickest time. I was too young and could never fathom it out! If only there was a junior version.   The New Rubik’s Junior Range Now there is just that! John Adams has released a new Rubik’s junior puzzle range that children as young as 4 can solve. There are four different characters;… View Post

A Bedroom Makeover With JD Williams

It’s no secret that I love my bed. I may not be in it for long with my little scamps but when I am, I love it. Oh and new bedding! I love changing the theme in the bedroom. That’s why I went for the neutral white brick wallpaper along with white walls, as you can change your colour schemes without it ever clashing. You can imagine how excited I was (doesn’t take much these days) when I was invited… View Post

A Healthier Dinner Time With Goodlife Vegetarian Meals

  As a family of four, I try to make a conscious effort that we all have a well-balanced diet. Ok, the kids have their treats and snacks like all kids, but I do try to balance it out by including something that contributes to our 5 a day.   Veggie Goodness!   Goodlife make delicious vegetarian meals where the ingredients are sourced from some of the most dedicated UK farmers. Working closely together for 25 years they have produced… View Post