An Eco-Friendly Clean With Seventh Generation And Giveaway

I must admit I am one of those very few people who enjoy cleaning. Some may be reading this thinking are you totally insane woman? But I really do. I have recently been introduced to a brand called Seventh Generation. A Little Bit About Seventh Generation Seventh Generation is an established brand in the US known for their eco-friendly plant based cleaning products. They are proud of their values to want to minimise nasties in cleaning products. They are helping… View Post

Having Fun With Wobbleez And Giveaway

  The kids have been excited with recently receiving a delivery from the lovely people at Sinco. It is of course the very popular Wobbleez Dog. The Wobbleez dogs are super soft plush toys that walk along side you. My first impression was, oh I bet this will need batteries, wrong! Wobbleez uses no batteries what so ever (Yay to that!) It is totally crazy as this little fella now named Barry, walks magically along beside you with a gentle… View Post

Qixels Kingdom Castle Play Set

This week we have been very excited to have been trying out Qixels Kingdom Castle Play Set from Character Online. Qixels are colourful cubes that fuse together with a spray of water, enabling little ones to build their very own pixelated characters to play with in their kingdom. First we assembled the castle which was super easy with the interlocking pieces. We then prepared the plastic trays that we would be using to fit the cubes too. You get the choice of 6 characters… View Post

Get It Covered With T.J.Hughes This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just in sight and the boys and I are still busy preparing a goody hamper for Daddy. This is something that we have done every year and it has just stuck ever since. We fill it up with a variety of practical and fun things that Craig likes. This week you can check out our awesome selection of top picks from T.J.Hughes. We love T.J.Hughes, it has such a huge selection of potential gifts for Father’s Day, all very… View Post

Kingdom Of You – Children’s Personalised Story Book

It makes me so happy that both of my little boys are book worms. They love reading and getting new books. Just recently we were sent some lovely personalised story books from the lovely people at Lost My Name. We are no stranger to these books, we already have The little boy who lost his name amongst other titles and they are such lovely stories. The boys think they are magical as they are the star of the story!  … View Post

Adult Colouring With Spectrum Noir Colorista Range

Ever since Adult Colouring took the market by storm I have been a big fan. It’s nice when you can have a peaceful ten minutes to yourself (and that’s not often with kids) to just chill out and have a little ‘me’ time. When I was kindly sent a huge set of Spectrum Noir Colorista range from the lovely people at Crafter’s Companion, I had the perfect excuse to go and hide up the garden and try them out! Adult Colouring Books  The… View Post

Father’s Day Gift Ideas From Prezzybox

Here we are just heading in to the month of May, which means it won’t be long until Fathers Day is just in sight. I always like to make up some kind of hamper from the boys to their Dad, filled with lots of awesome things that I know he will love. Prezzybox is normally my first port of call when looking for those gifts. I could sit and spend literally hours looking through their website, and often do! I thought… View Post

Casdon Backseat Driver Toy Review

When you have a family with little ones, travelling in the car can get quite ‘stressful’ to say the least! So we always make sure that before we set off, we have plenty of things to keep the kids entertained on our travels. When we were kindly sent the Casdon Backseat Driver toy, Joben couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel! Casdon Backseat Driver Toy Age 3+ The steering wheel is attached to a relatively long pole with a sucker on the end.… View Post

New Chuggington Toy Range

We have been very lucky to have had a super duper awesome delivery over Easter. We were one of the first families in the UK to check out the awesomely new Chuggington toy range. The new collection includes 24 collectable Chuggington chums and various ConnecTrax tracks, that are also compatible with many pre-school train systems. They are suitable for 2 yrs+. We have been having fun with…… Wilson…. Asher…. Hanzo……. Old Puffer Pete!   The trains can park up in their… View Post