Easter Bouquet Kids Craft

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we might as well crack open the craft box and get making some Easter crafts.  This Easter bouquet kids craft is super simple and fab for fine motor skills. What You Will Need –  Card Decorative bits and bobs for your vase. Bostik Glue Lollipop sticks Tissue paper Stapler Polystyrene eggs   Firstly cut out your shapes that you want to use for your display. We chose a rabbit and a flower.… View Post

Valentines Day Crafts For You and The Kids To Make

We have had the craft box out again, which is nothing new with us! And with Valentines day just around the corner, we have been making themed crafts to suit. It doesn’t have to be all about commercialism, nothing says it better than handmade gifts in my opinion. Especially when it’s a gift from the kiddies. So check out some of these lovely craft ideas for you and the kids to make for this Valentines day.   For The Kids… View Post

Valentines Day Photo Bookmark Craft

Handmade Valentines day gifts
With Valentines day becoming increasingly more commercialised as years go by, it’s nice to go back to basics and prove that you don’t need to spend loads of money on gifts. A little handmade gift from the kiddies is worth a billion times more than something purchased. So why not make your own valentines gift, like we have. What you will need   Craft knife & mat Card/Paper Glue Laminator & pouches   1 First cut out your bookmark shape… View Post

Top 10 Kids SuperHero Birthday Party Ideas

I don’t know about you but we have a busy few months come up, what with appointments and if you have little ones, as I do, then there are always birthdays to plan. Luckily I have a few months until Jayden’s birthday is upon us, so I have a little time to look into different themes. I will be posting some ideas over the next few weeks, so if you have a kids birthday to plan for, then stay tuned. But for now, check… View Post

DIY 5 Minute Christmas Tree Decoration

I love this time of year and of course it gives me an excuse to flood the blog with Christmas crafts. This week we have made a snowman bauble. This has got to be the simplest yet effective Christmas tree decoration ever. What You Will Need A Photo Insert Bauble Mini Pom Poms Glue Gun Pipe Cleaner Sharpie Pens   First fill your clear bauble with your mini white pom poms. Cotton wool or fake snow would work just as good.… View Post

Kids Snow Globe Christmas Craft

We have been busy making again and this time we’ve been doing a card Snow Globe Christmas Craft. This is a super easy craft which can be adjusted for all ages. What You Will Need Coloured Card Bits and bobs to decorate the globe Paint (If you choose to do finger print snow flakes) Glue/Bostik Glu Dots/sellotape First cut your snowman shape and a circle for your globe. Stick on your snowman and decorate away with your pretty bits. If you are doing… View Post

Lollypop Christmas Crafts The Kids Will Love

Popsicle Kids Christmas Crafts
With Christmas just in view, I thought I’d share our DIY Lollypop Christmas Crafts. Not only is it easy peasy and fun for the kids to get stuck into, they can enjoy scoffing some lollypops on the build up to making them! Winning all round! For your LollyPop Christmas Crafts You Will Need –  Lollypop Sticks Paint Pretty bits to stick onto your decoration Glitter Glue String/ribbon Firstly paint your lollypop sticks and then leave them to dry. Glue them… View Post

DIY Wooden Advent Calendar With HobbyCraft

I love Christmas, not just for the family fun, celebrations and gifts, well maybe the gifts *winks*, but for all of the traditions that we keep each year. Such as crafts, don’t get me wrong, I craft all year round and the kiddies love it too, but the Christmas crafts are a biggy. The kids get into the Christmas spirit by making decs, whether it be for the tree or something to hang on the wall. I of course, being the… View Post

10 Christmas Luminary Craft Ideas

I think it really makes a difference to a room when you have some nice lighting. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the look you are after, you can simply make a luminary. There are so many themes that you could use to create one. I have put together a handful of Winter/Christmas Luminaries to give you a little inspiration.   I love how simple this pinecone design is, but yet very effective. Sourced from Crafts By Amanda These… View Post