Fun Things To Do In The Garden This Autumn

  As the air begins to get crisper and a little more biting as autumn kicks in this does not mean that our time spent outside needs to come to an end! Outside the Summer months, many gardens are left abandoned and untouched until the sun starts to reappear, but there are loads of fun activities to enjoy outdoors during the autumn months too! So even if are feeling like a homebody and don’t leave the house, you and the… View Post

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Gardening

  Gardening is a great hobby to have. Growing your own plants and vegetables is incredibly satisfying and it’s the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon. What most people don’t realize is that it’s so much more than that. As well as all of the enjoyment that you’re getting out of it, gardening is actually improving your health in so many different ways. Even if you aren’t that interested in gardening as a pastime, maybe you should consider it… View Post

A Bedroom Makeover With JD Williams

It’s no secret that I love my bed. I may not be in it for long with my little scamps but when I am, I love it. Oh and new bedding! I love changing the theme in the bedroom. That’s why I went for the neutral white brick wallpaper along with white walls, as you can change your colour schemes without it ever clashing. You can imagine how excited I was (doesn’t take much these days) when I was invited… View Post

Cheering Up The Home With Some Autumn Flowers

Autumn flowers
The temperatures are dropping and Autumn is nearly in sight. I love Autumn. The amazing shades of oranges and reds, carpets of crunchy leaves just waiting to be kicked. A hot chocolate in the grasp of our hands as we snuggle up in front of a good movie. It’s bliss isn’t it?! I love fresh flowers in the home too and like the Autumnal bouquets that are out this time of year. My youngest is an Autumn baby, so his… View Post

Ideas For Home Improvement Projects

  Everyone wants to improve the house that they live in to make it feel more like a home. Having an attractive and functional home to live in can make being in it much more enjoyable. It is the heart of all your special family moments and will be in the background of those Christmas, birthday and celebration photographs that you will cherish for years to come. Making improvements on the family home doesn’t have to cost you a complete… View Post