Decor Tips For Creating A Movie Set Inspired Home

Have you always wanted to create an interior design for your home that is inspired by some of your favourite TV shows and films? Well, you might be happy to hear that it is incredibly easy to do. Especially when you have all of the following tips to help you out. Lighting Is Everything The key to filming the perfect scene, whether it is for a small independent film or a huge HBO TV series, is to get the lighting… View Post

Give Your Guest Room A Boutique Hotel Edge

Your spare room may be piled high with boxes, toys and gym equipment that hasn’t been used in a while.  However, wouldn’t it be nice if the room was a little more considered and any guests staying over didn’t have to squeeze in next to a treadmill? It might be time to start thinking about creating an inviting space so you can have visitors (particularly grandparents/babysitters) over, and they’ll be able to sleep in a comfortable and chic environment. Decorating… View Post

The Green Thumb – Shady Vegetables You Can Grow in Low-Sun

The start of your vegetable garden is often a bit scattered and improvised. Although it’s common to squeeze as many plants as possible into the one corner that receives full sun all day long, it’s not always smart – or even necessary. Make the most out of the space you’ve got and learn to know the vegetables you can grow without full sun; they’re just as plump, delicious, and easy to grow as the sun-loving tomato.   The Rule Of… View Post

Design Tips For Planning A New Bathroom

Planning a new bathroom can feel like a challenging and daunting task, so to help make things easier, share their tips and advice on what to consider when creating a new bathroom design.   Consider The Layout The first thing to consider when planning your bathroom is to take a look at the layout. Does it work fine as it is, or is there plenty of scope for improvement? Moving fixtures such as the basin and toilet will increase… View Post

Upcycling An Old Light

  I love a good upcycling project. I’ve had this candelabra style light for quite some time now and as you can see by the design, it is very Christmasy. The light itself gives off a cosy glow at night and works off a timer so turns on at dusk and goes off just in time for bed. I thought it’s a shame to only use it once a year, so I needed to make it fit in with my… View Post