Fridgemaster MC5526470/30 Fridge Freezer Review

  We are back with another fabulous kitchen appliance from the lovely people at We have recently moved house and received a bundle of white appliances to put to the test. If you missed our previous reviews you can catch up here for the Beko DTGC8011W Condenser Tumble Dryer and the Beko WTG1041B2W 1oKG Washing machine. Today we have the….. Fridgemaster MC5526470/30 Fridge Freezer As you can see by the pic, our fridge stands nicely next to our stove.… View Post

Beko WTG1041B2W 10KG Washing Machine Review

  As some of you know, we have recently moved house and currently undergoing home improvements. We have also had a lovely kitchen appliance bundle from the lovely people at and will be sharing what we think of them all, over the next week or so. if you missed our Tumble Dryer review you can catch up here –  Beko DTGC8011W Condenser Tumble Dryer. The second appliance review we are sharing is our wonderful Beko WTG1041B2W Washing Machine. My previous… View Post

Beko DTGC8011W Condenser Tumble Dryer review

  If you are a regular reader then you will know that we have been in the process of moving house. I must say that moving with two little ones in tow is very stressful. To top things off a week before we moved my washing machine decided to pack up and the dryer wasn’t far behind. Then something amazing happened, something that never happens to us! We were sent a new bundle of kitchen appliances for our new home! To… View Post

Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor & V6 Cord Free Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Bundle

I may be a little obsessed with hoovering up all of a sudden and I think that might be due to our recent delivery! Just the other week we were contacted by the lovely team at We were invited to take part in a campaign that involved me choosing another blogger to work with. Well that choice was easy, it just had to be my lovely blogging buddy Kim from Northumberlandmam. The Challenge So the deal was, we were… View Post

Fun Things To Do In The Garden This Autumn

As the air begins to get crisper and a little more biting as autumn kicks in this does not mean that our time spent outside needs to come to an end! Outside the Summer months, many gardens are left abandoned and untouched until the sun starts to reappear, but there are loads of fun activities to enjoy outdoors during the autumn months too! So even if are feeling like a homebody and don’t leave the house, you and the kids… View Post