Qixels Kingdom Castle Play Set

This week we have been very excited to have been trying out Qixels Kingdom Castle Play Set from Character Online. Qixels are colourful cubes that fuse together with a spray of water, enabling little ones to build their very own pixelated characters to play with in their kingdom. First we assembled the castle which was super easy with the interlocking pieces. We then prepared the plastic trays that we would be using to fit the cubes too. You get the choice of 6 characters… View Post

Inspiration For Children’s Party Bag Fillers

It’s that time of year again and your little ones birthday draws near. With so much to plan, from where the party will be held , what theme will it be, what cake to get, the list is really endless. I think out of everything, the goody bags are the trickiest. You obviously don’t won’t to spend a fortune on them, but at the same time you don’t wont to send them out filled with tack! So I have put together a… View Post

Get It Covered With T.J.Hughes This Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just in sight and the boys and I are still busy preparing a goody hamper for Daddy. This is something that we have done every year and it has just stuck ever since. We fill it up with a variety of practical and fun things that Craig likes. This week you can check out our awesome selection of top picks from T.J.Hughes. We love T.J.Hughes, it has such a huge selection of potential gifts for Father’s Day, all very… View Post

6 Top Picks For A Perfect Bathroom Makeover

  I think out of all the rooms in our home, the bathroom is one of my favourites.  Partly because of the sky light. I was instantly drawn in by this when we first viewed the house 8 years ago. It lets so much light, it’s just so bright and airy, I love it. And of course it’s a place where I can escape and have a nice soak in peace (well sometimes, if the kids let me). My current theme is nautical, but… View Post

5 Ways To Maximise Space In Your Home

When we first moved in to our home, pre kids, we were so impressed with the generous sized rooms. Everything had a place and all was organised, just how I like it. However when the little ones came along, the space was slowly consumed by the extra furniture and copious amounts of toys, as I am sure all parents can relate to. With a little thought and planning, we managed to retrieve that space and open up the rooms once again!… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 22/5/17

Hi everyone, welcome to this weeks Monday Morning Blog Club. I hope you all had a pleasant weekend. Did any of you go to Blog On yesterday? I unfortunately had to drop out at the last minute, but will be going to the September gathering instead. I know a lot of bloggers find it hard to attend conferences, as they feel they will be left standing alone, or won’t know anybody. My advise is to just bite the bullet and go!… View Post

To My Beautiful Boy – Now You Are Seven

  Every year I find myself questioning where did the time go?  Another birthday for my baby boy, another year that the grasp of our holding hands loosen as you slowly grow up to find your own way in this life. But for now I am holding on. Holding on tight to that little hand of yours, I am enjoying the endless supply of cuddles you give. The giggles we share when we gang up on Daddy and tickle him!… View Post

Tips And Tricks To Conquer That Laundry Pile

Laundry ; [lawn-dree, lahn-] A forever growing mountain of stinky clothes. What is it with washing baskets? It turns into some kind of celebratory event when we can actually see the bottom of one doesn’t it?! With my brood, that is quite a rarity. My washing machine is constantly battling our laundry pile, spin after spin, day after day.  Coming to think of it, our clothes take a serious bashing. From washing, tumble drying, ironing and everyday wear and tear, I… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 15/5/17

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Hello your gorgeous lot! How was your week last week? Mine was a really positive one! I had amazing results from my pulmonary sarcoidosis check up on Thursday. It seems my lungs have recovered and it has cleared up completely. I haven’t been discharged, but I don’t have to attend the regular lung function tests now which is fab. I could have almost done a happy dance I was so relieved.  Then Friday saw me chatting on the phone to… View Post