Astonish Cleaning Range & Giveaway

Recently we were invited to try out some of the Astonish cleaning range. Astonish is a family owned business of 40 years from West Yorkshire. All of their cleaning products are animal friendly and have not been tested on animals nor do they contain any ingredients derived from animals. They have loads of fab products in their range and here is what we have been testing out. First up is……… Window and glass cleaner   With just a little squirt needed… View Post

Aldi #Specialbuys Family Camping Range

As you may have seen in previous posts we have collaborated with Aldi and their fab #specialbuys. Coming up on the 23rd June in stores, is their family camping range. If you are the outdoors type and love a bit of camping or maybe a bit of a festival fanatic then this ones for you. They have some fab products in this range and as usual fab prices too.   Starting off with this spacious 5 man Tent £79.99 or this… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 20/6/16

Hi all and welcome to #MMBC, how’s your weekend been? It’s been pretty much non stop raining here the past few days. Although we did get one dry day, and feeling a bit better, we managed to go for a nice slow stroll along the canals, didn’t go nowhere near as far as we normally do, but it was nice to get out and get some fresh air all the same. I’ve had a few blog reviews and sponsored posts coming… View Post

Feel Good With Nutriseed

I must admit I am a Nutriseed virgin, so when I was asked to try out some of their products, I was very keen and curious in equal measures. Here’s what we have been trying out. I like the earthy tone to the packaging and the fact they all have resealable tops is very convenient. Superfood Porridge The porridge is a mixture of porridge oats, ground flaxseed, chia seeds, cranberries and goji berries. We compared this to another well known… View Post

Nutella Whirls

We love baking here and I love getting the kids involved too, so looking for something quick to bake I thought we could have a go at making some Nutella Whirls. They only take around 3o mins from prepping to serving so really convenient when you have chocolate obsessed little ones waiting for the goods. They are great to take along on a picnic or simply pop on a plate and let the kiddies share them as a treat, either way, they… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 13/6/16

Hi all and welcome back to another week of #MMBC. How was you week last week? And did you get up to much the weekend? I’ve been planning some home schooling sessions for the upcoming weeks, I can’t believe we have been home schooling for 9 months now, that has seriously fled by! I have also had my CT scan results back, I have been diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. If like me, you have never heard of this before then it… View Post

Free Stock Photo Resources For Your Blog

A big part of blogging is using beautiful vibrant images amongst your content. Majority of the time you will use your own photos, but occasionally you just need that certain image to fit with your post. That’s where free stock photo resources for your blog are useful. A lot of these will probably be quite familiar, but I thought it would also come in handy for the newbie bloggers out there who are just starting out. If you are new to blogging then… View Post