A Perfect Family Photo With Bidvine

Being a Mom sees me behind the camera a lot. Always capturing special moments with the kiddies, as you do. But with me being the one always behind the camera, we don’t get many family shots together.  Ok, I guess I could set my camera to timer, but I want to get the very best out of each snap. So for that I am going to need to hire a Photographer. It didn’t take me long to discover Bidvine. Bidvine… View Post

Aveeno Baby Skin Care Range

There’s nothing more important to me than to make sure that the skin products I use are gentle on the kiddies skin. No doubt you feel exactly the same way, when choosing products for your little ones. Both my boys have sensitive skin, so it is imperative that I use something that is going to unscented, soothing and hydrating. My eldest suffers from mild eczema, so even more so for him. When I attended Blogfest just the other month, I discovered… View Post

K’nex 52 Bumper Building Pack

It’s very rare that peace and quiet hits our home, except for when Jayden is busy building something new with one of his kits that is. He will happily sit for ages building different things. He’s never tried K’nex out before, so he was keen to get stuck in to the awesome K’nex 52 Bumper Building Pack. The Awesome Bits ☺︎52 Different Model Building Ideas ☺︎Encourages Building And Cognitive Skills ☺︎ Handy Storage Tub To Avoid Random Abandoned Pieces Being Sucked… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 5/11/16

Happy Monday all! We’re here again with another #MMBC, and the first one in December! Hands up who put their Christmas trees up! Haha. I hope you all had a good week last week? We are off out with the boys to visit Santa’s Grotto this morning so I won’t be around for the Twitter chat. Don’t forget, if you fancy a natter you can catch up with @Chirpydebs every Monday at 10.15am over on Twitter. Thanks all for linking… View Post

Cleaner Carpets With Vax Dual Power Pro Advance

When it comes to cleaning, I am a bit of a sucker. Not that I am obsessed, as there’s always better things to be doing than housework! I just feel more comfortable when everything is clean and tidy. We have recently had a new carpet in the bathroom upstairs, but having two little ones can certainly give it a run for its money. With bath times every night and having little boys that regularly miss the toilet and sprinkle every where else! Most… View Post

Spreading A Little Magic With Portable North Pole

I love December. Not just because It’s the month that my birthday falls on, well maybe a little! But because it’s that time of year where I log on to Portable North Pole and create a magical moment for my boys. I have been using PNP for as long as I can remember. If you are not aware of PNP, then where the hell have you been? Hehe!  What is Portable North Pole? Portable North Pole (PNP) is an online… View Post

Lost My Name Personalised Kids Books

Lost my name are the makers of these fab books that you may or may of not seen around a lot lately. If not , then where have you been? They are fun personalised books where your little one is the star of the story. The order process is simple. You just fill in the form which consists of name of child, sex, language and so on. The Incredible Intergalactic Journey is pretty similar, only you can add your address… View Post

Monday Morning Blog Club 28/11/16

Hello you gorgeous lot! And how are we all this morning? Did you get up to anything the weekend? I had a well overdue catch up with a friend, which was nice. I’ve done more Christmas shopping too. I swear I’ve never been so organised like I have this year. Apart from the kiddies stuff, I’m normally panic buying at the very last minute for everybody else. I’ve booked my Christmas shop slot with Tesco too, don’t forget to book… View Post

Get Fit With Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

Christmas is fast approaching and with that comes those tubs of quality street! Those moreish selection boxes that have totally stretched your will power to the max the past month, trying to resist temptation to open the bloody things. So it’s no surprise that we all seek a fitter more healthier lifestyle in the new year. Nautilus has it all covered. They are a global fitness solution company. You can purchase their fitness gear over at Fitness Superstore. One of their amazing… View Post